Garage Door Spares Available In South Wales

Here at Andrew Colwill, we pride ourselves on being the leading garage door experts in South Wales, providing a comprehensive range of services beyond simple supply and installation work. We have a dedicated garage door spares shop, based at our central location in Swansea, which ensure you have access to the parts you need to get your garage door up and running smoothly again.

As we provide installation and repair services as well, this means the process is straightforward – giving you a single point of contact and the benefit of our years of experience throughout any garage door repair work. Our garage door spares are designed to work with some of the leading names in the industry; you can be sure we have the right part for your specific door.

Garage Door Springs

The springs are an essential part in the lifting mechanism of most garage doors, providing the force needed to ensure the door opens smoothly and easily. As such, they need to be properly maintain and adjusted when necessary – always contact our professional team and don’t adjust the springs yourself.

Cone and Cable

Designed with our garage door and its original fitting in mind, our cone and cable sets replace any damaged, worn or old units to ensure smooth movement. Roller Spindles Roller spindles are integral to the mechanism of an up & over garage door; we supply a wide variety to suit a majority of leading big-name brands.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services In Cardiff & Swansea

As well as supplying a wide range of spare parts for your garage door, we also provide a comprehensive range of supply, installation, maintenance and repair services. Whether you’re looking to update your garage door, such as improve its security, or it’s in vital need of repair work, our comprehensive range of garage door services ensure you have a single, reliable and local point of contact for anything relating to your doors. Saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple companies in South Wales, you only need to deal with our garage door specialists, regardless of whether you need a simple part replacing or a full installation.

Call us on your local number above or, alternatively, email us through our online contact form – we’ll happily provide a no obligation quotation and professional advice.

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